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All Field Trips provide students with powerful Brain Building Play in over 170 exhibits within 19 themed areas. Field Trip experiences can also include our new design-oriented Think Studios or one-of-a-kind SMALLabs to enrich your curriculum


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Think Studios | 45 Minute Experience
Our kid-sized Think Studios invite your students to learn, explore, discover, and challenge themselves. GCM’s Playologists pack each space with tools and materials to help your students unleash their creativity and exercise their imaginations in the pursuit of learning 21st century skills. Go on a Design-Oriented Adventure with a challenge of your choice. Now students can Dream It, Be It for 6 years in a row and build 21st century skills each visit.

SMALLabs | 40 Minute Experience
The Glazer Children’s Museum is the world’s first museum to have a Motion-Capture Lab! SMALLab is an embodied learning environment where every learner is up, moving and collaborating with peers. Team up with a Museum Educator to bring your classroom lessons to life in this unique motion-capture setting where your movements make the experience different each time. Research shows that in SMALLab, there is an 86% increase in student learning and peer collaboration is 6.7 times higher than the normal classroom.

Brain Building PLAY | 9am-12pm | 10am-1pm | 11am-2pm
We link both brain-building play AND qualit learning standards to elevate each child to reach their full potential. At GCM, we stretch beyond traditional educational formats to include a child’s most powerful tool, Imagination. Allow your students’ minds to wander with a Chaperone-Guided Field Trip at the Glazer Children’s Museum


Dream It. Be It.
During a Glazer Children’s Museum visit, children try on many identities to help explore the world around them. Whether they put on a lab coat in our Vet Clinic or leap to stardom in our Twinkle Stars Theater, imaginative play is critical to our Museum experience. At GCM, if children can Dream It, they can Be It.

As the world moves full STEAM ahead in curriculum with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, GCM has adopted a DREAM curriculum focusing not only on these core disciplines, but on additional concepts critical to 21st century careers:
D Design Thinking to discover how our world works
R Reading skills to explore, grow, and learn
E Engineering to make us better builders of tomorrow
A A renaissance of all things Arts & Architecture
M Mathematical concepts to bind us together, Musical knowledge to keep our toes tapping, and Making a world that we have yet to imagine

The mission of the Glazer Children’s Museum is to create learning environments where children play, discover, and connect to the world around them to develop as lifelong learners and leaders.

All themed areas and most exhibits in the Museum are wheelchair accessible. GCM is recognized as an Autism Friendly Business by CARD-USF.

Florida State Standards
All GCM exhibits are educator-designed to encourage thoughtful questioning and critical thinking. We take our role as a community resource that helps kids meet Florida State Standards very seriously. Additionally, all of our SMALLab and Think Studio Sessions directly address Florida State Standards.

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