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Play with Purpose!
Watch your students work as a team, problem-solve, and learn during a Glazer Children’s Museum Field Trip. Enhance math, science, and literacy concepts through interactive play and exploration as a group.

Choose Your Field Trip Experience
All GCM Field Trips provide students with powerful Museum Play in over 35,000 square feet of interactive exhibits. Extend your Field Trip experience by adding on a design-oriented Think Studio or one-of-a-kind SMALLab to enrich your curriculum. Grade level specific experiences, details, and pricing are outlined in the Educator Playbook.

Scope and Sequence
Pre K-K STEM and Social Emotional Learning
GRADE 1 Art + Literacy
GRADE 2 Science Kids
GRADE3 Making
GRADE 4 Innovation
GRADE 5-8 Design Thinking, Problem Solving, Citizen Science

Add On a Think Studio
Our Think Studios invite students to learn, explore, discover, and challenge themselves. Each Think Studio is equipped with tools, materials, and a GCM Educator to help your students unleash their creativity and exercise their imaginations.
Go on a Design-Oriented Adventure with a Think Studio of your choice

Add On a SMALLab
For Grades 1-4
GCM is the first children’s museum to house SMALLab, an embodied learning environment where every learner is up, moving, and collaborating with peers. Team up with a GCM Educator to bring your classroom lessons to life in this unique, Motion-Capture Studio. Research shows that SMALLab experiences increase learning by 86% and peer collaboration is 6.7 times higher than in a traditional classroom setting.

Chaperone-Guided Museum Play  9:30am-12:30pm | 10am-1pm | 10:30am-1:30pm | 11am-2pm
Every GCM Field Trip starts with play! We link brain-building play and quality learning standards to elevate each child to reach their full potential. All GCM Exhibits are curated by educators to encourage thoughtful questioning, critical
thinking, and pure imagination.

Florida State Standards
All GCM Exhibits are curated by educators to encourage thoughtful questioning, critical thinking, and pure imagination. Additionally, all Think Studio and SMALLab experiences directly address Florida State Standards and can be accessed at

For more information on booking a field trip, contact,, or call 813 443 3821.

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Accessibility and Scholarships

The Glazer Children’s Museum strives to be inclusive for all. We are intent on creating accessible programs, exhibits, and spaces where the diverse needs and abilities of our guests are accommodated. All themed areas and most exhibits in
the Museum are wheelchair accessible. GCM is certified as an Autism Friendly Business by CARD-USF and has a limited number of adaptive materials to borrow during your visit. To learn more about our inclusive initiatives, please

Mission Mondays
GCM reserves Monday Field Trips exclusively for groups with special needs. Mission Monday Field Trips can be customized to address the specific needs of an individual group. Instead of booking online, please
call our Field Trip Coordinator at 813 443 3830 to book your Mission Monday experience.

Title 1 School Scholarships
Close to 5,000 Title 1 students per year visit the Museum for free as a part of our Social Responsibility Initiative. This funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis and you must apply online. Please do not book a Field Trip and then apply
for a scholarship afterward; you must apply for the funding up-front. Sponsored Field Trips are limited to one per school year, are available Tuesday-Wednesday, and generally, include a Think Studio or SMALLab. Apply today at