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During a visit to GCM, children learn while playing. They learn to help people as a veterinarian or firefighter in Safety Village and build self confidence summiting the heights of the Water’s Journey Climber. Playful experiences throughout the museum inspire imagination and discovery. Some of these exhibits and experiences include:

Art Smart: Express yourself through dance, music, and color. Have a dance-off on the dancefloor, build structures with colorful blocks and tiles, and interact with a musical wall mural.

Big John: See Big John, the World’s Largest Triceratops fossil. Crawl under Big John and get an up-close view of him through clear bubbles; rebuild a triceratops skeleton on a wall puzzle; draw your own dinosaur and watch it hatch on screen; and more. Sponsored by Ellison Construction

Central Bank: Learn the value of money and pay for supplies.

Family Play Project: Work together with your friends and family to build, create, and collaborate. Learn to use new tools and interesting supplies with new projects popping up all of the time.

Farm: Pick tomatoes, bottle feed a pig, or race a tractor on our very own little farm. The farm has a cow, a sheep, an egg drop, and tomatoes or oranges to pick.

Firehouse: Drive a fire engine through Tampa or slide down a firepole as you practice being a firefighter.

Forts: Build a giant fort using blankets and furniture or play a game of hide and seek.

Ice Cream Parlour: Scoop your favorite flavors, pick a song on the jukebox, and set up the perfect menu in our Ice Cream Shop. Sponsored by Dairy Joy. 

KidsPort: Race a ball across the Skyway Bridge, hide a manatee in seagrass, glide boats through the water, and combine elements to create your own thunderstorm as you learn about water and the important role it plays in Tampa Bay.  

Light Cloud: Play around with light and sound by playing colorful piano keys that correspond to lights on our Light Cloud structure.

Pizza Place: Cook and make the best pizza with whatever toppings you choose, and don’t forget to put it in the pizza oven!

Publix: Make a sandwich at the Deli, fill a kid-sized shopping cart with all of your favorite foods, and check out at the register when your shopping is done. Sponsored by Publix

St Joseph’s Hospital: Watch your skeleton move along with you on Skelevision, drive an ambulance, or give an Unmonster a CT Scan. Sponsored by St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital

Tugboat Tots: Steer a mini tugboat, read stories under a tree, fish off a mini pier, and play I Spy with the ocean mural. Little ones and their caregivers can engage in this space specifically designed for guests 3 and under.  

Twinkle Stars Theater: Lights, camera, action! Find the perfect costume, take tickets at the window, or control the sound and lights for the big show.

Vet Clinic: Pick the cuddliest creature and give them a check-up, blow dry the puppies after their baths, or take a look at some animal x-rays. 

Water’s Journey Climber: Climb way up high, race to the other side, and take risks in our climber that spans 2 stories of the museum. This exhibit is designed for guests ages 3 and up. Younger guests may require the help of a trusted adult.