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If/Then Collection

In 2021, Glazer Children’s Museum received the IF/THEN Gender Equity Grant from the Association of Science and Technology Centers, the National Girls Collaborative Project, and the IF/THEN Initiative to create content that promotes equity in STEM, including equitable gender representation.

Team GCM Creators have created 3 digital field trips for our GCM Cl@ssroom for grades Pre-K to 4th that focuses on the idea that everyone is a scientist! These field trips are standards-aligned lessons that incorporate IF/THEN Collection resources, include multiple videos created by Team GCM Educators, and are 100% free to educators. Along with these digital offerings, Team GCM will be hosting a Professional Development Opportunity on January 31 for educators that will teach educators how Team GCM has used the IF/THEN Collection and how they can incorporate this collection in their classrooms.

Content Offerings

Below you will find the descriptions of the content Team GCM has created for this initiative.

Pre-K + Kindergarten | Superstar Civil Engineers
Meet a professor of civil engineering, then grab your hard hats to get to work! Learn the steps in the engineering process and apply them to design and build a model city.

1st + 2nd | You Can Code!
Meet a video game developer to learn more about how she uses coding skills to create games. Then, learn about commands and sequences and storyboard a game of your own.

3rd + 4th | Solar Energy Superheroes
Climate change can be scary to learn about, so let’s meet a climate-change scientist who is working to explore the effects of climate change and help combat it. Then, learn how to harness the power of renewable resources.

To request access to these free resources, please fill out the request form below. You will receive access to all grade-level offerings via Canvas. After requesting access, you will receive an email from Canvas with information to activate your access via Canvas.

If/Then Collection Request Form

Professional Development Opportunity

GCM partnered with the Association for Science and Technology Centers and the National Girls Collaborative Project to provide FREE training to K-8 educators on the uses of the IF/THEN Collection. This training was hosted by two current GCM educators and former elementary school teachers and focused on implementing resources in the classroom to promote STEM identities in your students. Watch the full video below.