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Team GCM has created PreK-4 digital options to turn your classroom into a GCM Cl@ssroom! Purchase this option to enjoy access to standards-based, literacy, and STEM-focused Think Studios for grades PreK-4. View our Digital Field Trips trailer here.

GCM Cl@ssroom Rate

$25 per teacher, includes access to content for one grade level

GCM Cl@ssroom Title 1 School Price

Free with proof of Title 1 status.

Educational Benefits

Access for one (1) teacher to Think Studios (one literacy-based, one STEM-based) for their specific grade.

GCM Cl@ssroom Access Request Form

If/Then Collection

In 2021, Glazer Children’s Museum received the IF/THEN Gender Equity Grant from the Association of Science and Technology Centers, the National Girls Collaborative Project, and the IF/THEN Initiative to create content that promotes equity in STEM, including equitable gender representation.

Team GCM Creators have created 3 digital field trips for our GCM Cl@ssroom for grades Pre-K to 4th that focuses on the idea that everyone is a scientist! These field trips are standards-aligned lessons that incorporate IF/THEN Collection resources, include multiple videos created by Team GCM Educators, and are 100% free to educators. Along with these digital offerings, Team GCM will be hosting a Professional Development Opportunity on January 31 for educators that will teach educators how Team GCM has used the IF/THEN Collection and how they can incorporate this collection in their classrooms.

Learn more about the If/Then Collection

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