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Digital Think Studios

Our digital Think Studios invite students to learn, explore, discover, and challenge themselves. Each program is designed to help students unleash their creativity and exercise their imaginations. All Think Studios directly address Florida State Standards.

Pre-K Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade



Use Your Words

Sometimes it can be hard to find the words to describe your emotions. Join us to create a puppet and explore the ways in which we can use our words to explain how we feel.

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Celebrate Diversity

Friendships are made stronger by our similarities and differences. Observe and celebrate what makes each of us special and unique, then create a self-portrait and contribute it to a special class gallery!

Observations in Nature

Go on an adventure in nature! Apply your five senses to practice keen observation. Create your own observation notebook, then sketch and press Florida fauna in your book. Hold on to your observation notebook to continue applying observation skills all year long!

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1st Grade

Draw Your World-ish

Discover your inner artist in this celebration of creativity and resilience inspired by Peter H. Reynold’s book Ish. Read the book, share your ideas, and draw your own ish world in this art-based program.

Losing My Marbles

Learn about the scientific process through this STEM-based Think Studio. Join us on an outdoor adventure while we explore the effects of gravity, force, and friction! Then, conduct your own experiment, testing the effects that friction has on your own marble run.

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2nd Grade

Story Quilt Art

Explore the Depression-era African American culture and beautiful patchwork borders in Faith Ringgold’s beautifully illustrated book, Tar Beach. Then, create your own quilt square inspired by the art in the book. Put all the squares together to create a class quilt!

How Your Body Works

Step into this Think Studio to learn about the muscular, skeletal, and respiratory systems in your body. Visualize the movements of your body while learning the hustle. Then create a working replica of your lungs.

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3rd Grade

Cranes for Peace

Learn the legend of origami cranes and listen to a read-aloud of Molly Bang’s The Paper Crane. Then learn how to fold your own paper cranes. Continue to work together as a class throughout the year to fold 1,000 Cranes for Peace.

Refraction Action

Have you ever wanted to control light? Turn it into different colors? Learn all about the Law of Reflection to find out how you can make light bend to change its direction and even change its color! Then, bend light into colorful patterns to make your own rainbow art.

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4th Grade

Blackout Poetry

Learn all about theme in this poetry workshop. Enjoy a poetry reading and participate in discussions about the author’s feelings and what they are conveying with their written art. Then, repurpose recycled articles to create your own works of found poetry!

Building Kinetic Bridges

Do you have the energy to participate in this Think Studio? Join us as we explore various forms of energy including electrical, potential, and kinetic energy. Build a kinetic energy bridge and watch the transfer of energy first-hand!

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