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Women’s History Month & Flower Craft

March is Women’s History Month and there are lots of different ways to celebrate! Join Team GCM Educator, Ashley, as she discusses Women’s History Month, how Italy celebrates International Women’s Day with mimosa flowers, Georgia O’Keefe and her flowers, and a paper flower craft!


  • Tissue paper, any size any color
  • Scissors
  • If you want to add a stem then you will need construction paper or pipe cleaners, otherwise, you can just use a staple. 


  1. If you are using more than one sheet of tissue paper stack your pieces on top of one another.
  2. Starting with the short side of your paper, fold your paper accordion style: fold your paper over one inch. Then flip your paper over and fold it back one inch. Continue folding and flipping until all of your paper is folded.
  3. Round the edges of your paper with scissors to create a more petal-like look. 
  4. If you are adding a stem, staple a rolled piece of construction paper in the center of your folded tissue paper or carefully wrap one end of a pipe cleaner around the center of your folded tissue paper and twist the pipe cleaner together to secure it. If you are not including a stem, simply staple the center of your folded paper to secure it. 
  5. Very gently start to pull apart the different layers of tissue paper to fluff and shape your flower. Be extra careful as tissue paper can rip easily.

Team GCM Creator: Ashley