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Why Water’s Worth It Storytime with Tampa Bay Water

Did you know the month of August is Water Quality Month? Yes! Just try to imagine what your life would be like without easy access to clean water. There would be no more pools to splash in, no fountains at school to drink from, no more fun bath time with all of your favorite bath toys, no more running water in your house! Water Quality Month reminds us to take a moment to consider how important access to clean water is to humans, and how vital it is to all the plants and animals that live in our ecosystems.

In honor of Water Quality Month, join all of our friends at Tampa Bay Water for a splashtastic storytime of Why Water’s Worth It by Lori Harrison, read by Tampa Bay Water employees themselves! And be sure to play in our Water’s Journey exhibit on your next visit to GCM. This exhibit was created with the generous help of our aquaintances at Tampa Bay Water. (Teehee, get it? AQUAintances? We crack ourselves up.)

Tampa Bay Water Readers

Chuck Carden
Interim General Manager
Michelle Viale-Bick
Laboratory Scientist II
Isaiah Moss
Operations Shift Lead
Dereck Singh
Operations Shift Lead
Devon Thompson
Laboratory Technician
Dawn McMahon
Safety Services Manager
Maribel Medina
Planning & Projects Manager
Michelle Stom
Chief Communications Officer