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Things I Value with PNC Bank

Hi friends, today with our friends from PNC Bank, we are talking about what we value. Have you heard that word before, value? Value means how important something is to you. What is something that you value? Let’s go on a scavenger hunt and collect things that we value in a value piggy bank. You can put your collection in a jar, bowl, shoebox, or whatever else you may have! Once you have collected your items let’s save some of our valuables in our value jar and share some in a value scrapbook!


  • Two paper bags
  • Things that you value
  • A tool to write or draw with


  1. Create your Value Scrapbook by folding pieces of paper in half and stapling the edges together. You can also make a scrapbook using paper bags! Fold a few bags in half (top meets the bottom), then staple them together to create a book. If you use this technique then you’ll also have pockets in your book to hold your valuable items.
  2. Decorate your cover. 
  3. Now it’s time to write or draw what we value inside! Scrapbooks can include photographs, stickers, drawings, or writing! What valuables will you include in your scrapbook?
  4. Be sure to share what you value with us by having an adult tag #gcmathome. 

Team GCM Creator: Ashley

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