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STEM Snowflakes

Team GCM Educator, Essence, is teaching us all about shapes, symmetry, and snowflakes! Join Essence to practice your shapes and use them to make symmetrical snowflakes. Then, continue making different versions of snowflakes on your own! And if you aren’t able to make shapes out of construction paper, no worries! You can grab some shape blocks and follow along!


  • Construction Paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Tape


If you don’t want to create shapes out of paper, you can grab some shape blocks and skip to step 5! 

  1. Begin by using your ruler and scissors to cut your paper into strips that are 1 inch wide and 10 inches long, 1 inch wide and 8 ½ inches long, and 1 inch wide and 4 ½ inches long. You will need:
    1. One piece of paper that is 1” x 10”
    2. Twelve pieces of paper that are 1” x 8 ½”
    3. Ten pieces of paper that are 1” x 4 ½”
  2. Take your longest strip of paper and fold it into four equal parts. Then, tape the square!
  3. Next, take your twelve medium strips and fold them into three equal parts. Then, tape the triangles!
  4. Finally, take your smallest strips and roll them into circles and tape!
  5. Now that you’ve created your shapes, let’s create a snowflake! Start with the square in the center and create a design around it with the triangles. Finally, add your circles to the outermost part of your snowflake.
  6. For a fun game, you can build one side of the snowflake and challenge someone else to match your design on the other side!

Team GCM Creator: Essence