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Solar Oven S’mores

Become a scientific chef with Team GCM member, Chris! Today, he shows you how to make s’mores in a solar oven made from household materials!

Materials: 1 small box Plastic wrap Aluminum Foil Scissors, ruler, marker, tape Construction paper or black tape Marshmallow, chocolate, graham cracker Pie tin or aluminum foil bowl


  1. On the top (lid) of the box, use a marker to draw a square one inch from all sides of the box.
  2. Use scissors to cut along the front and sides of the square you just drew. Leaving the fourth side along the box’s hinge uncut
  3. Tape aluminum foil to the inside of the new flap you just cut, smoothing out any wrinkles
  4. Tape plastic wrap over the hole you cut into the lid, sealing all four edges with tape
  5. Open the entire box lid and tape black construction paper to the bottom of the inside of the box to help absorb the incoming sunlight
  6. Let food cook, using a stick to adjust the angle of the reflector to make sure sunlight is getting inside the solar oven

Share your solar oven s’mores creation with the hashtag #GCMatHome

Team GCM Creators: Chris

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