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Colors of the Rainbow

Join Team GCM member, Rebecca, in a colorful lesson about rainbows and then 2 activities you can do from home to learn more about ROYGBV


  • Paper towels
  • 7 small clear plastic cups, glasses, or jars
  • Food coloring in primary colors (red, yellow, blue)
  • Water


  1. Prepare your paper towels by folding them in half length-wise. Half-sheet paper towels will work best!
  2. Place your 7 cups in a row and pour water into all of them
  3. Add drops of red food coloring to the 1st and 7th cup. The more saturated, the better!
  4. Add drops of yellow food coloring to the 3rd cup
  5. Add drops of blue food coloring to the 5th cup
  6. Place one half of a rolled paper towel into the 1st cup, and place the other half into the 2nd cup, the plain water glass. Then another rolled paper towel from the 2nd cup into the 3rd cup. This will continue until you’ve placed the last rolled paper towel roll that sits in both the 6th and 7th cup.
  7. This may take some time, but watch as the colored water begins to crawl up the paper towel and walk!

Don’t have these materials? That’s ok! 

Create a rainbow at home using objects from around your house. Gather items (toys, fruits, markers, books, anything you have) and start sorting the items in the color order of the rainbow!

Team GCM Creator: Rebecca