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Pi Day

Will you get messy for a good cause? You can support the Glazer Children’s Museum by getting a pie in your face! March 14 is Pi Day (3.14, get it?) and it’s Albert Einstein’s birthday! Our 4th Annual Pi Day Celebration is going virtual with a Pie in the Face Challenge. Help us celebrate all things math with a playfully messy fundraiser benefitting GCM.


  1. You can start your own challenge or respond to a friend’s challenge!
  2. Donate at least $3 to the Glazer Children’s Museum and/or be prepared for a pie in the face!
  3. Post a video of yourself getting a pie thrown in your face to Facebook or Instagram and tag 3 friends who you challenge next. You can use a real pie, or simply put shaving cream or whipped cream on a paper plate. Be sure to tag @GlazerChildrensMuseum and use #GCMpiday. If you need safety goggles or a poncho, we have those available at the museum. Email to inquire at
  4. The friends you challenge have 24 hours to either post their own video and challenge 3 more friends or they can donate $3 or more to the Glazer Children’s Museum

Donations are always welcome, whether or not you are willing to take a pie in the face!

We made it easy for you to start your own challenge or get some help responding to a friend’s challenge! Below you can find a sample video and a script to help you get started on getting messy. That’s it… easy as pie!