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3.14 Ways to Celebrate the Number Pi

Do you love pi as much was we do? The number of course! This year, we got our good friend, Albert Einstein to tell us his favorite 3.14 ways to celebrate the number pi!

Three –  Pi-ku

Become a mathematical poet and make your own pi-ku! Cut out a pie shape from a piece of paper and decorate your own piece of pie! What does yours look like? Does it have whacky ingredients? Crazy toppings? Your slice is up to your imagination! Albert Einstein made a slice of Key Lime pi! Oops, we mean Key Lime pie. Now it’s time to write your pi-ku! Your first line will have 3 syllables, your second line will have 1 syllable, and your third line will have 4 syllables.

Point – Pi Bracelet

Making this bracelet is easy as pie! Get pipe cleaners, string, ribbon, or any other material you’d like to use for your bracelet. Now put 3 beads, then 1 bead for the point, and then 4 beads. Now you’ve got 3.14! Want to make it challenging? Keep going! 1 bead, 5 beads, 9 beads, 2 beads, 6 beads, 5 beads, 3 beads, 5 beads. See how far you can go in the number sequence of pi! When you stop you may just have a bracelet made for a giant or a cool pi bead banner to hang up!

One – Pi Art

Pi is all about circles! What circular objects can you find at home? Plates? Cups? Coins? Now use crayons, pens, markers, color pencils, or any other drawing utensils you’d like to trace those circular objects all over a piece of paper! Overlap them, line them up, draw them inside other circles, go pi-crazy!

Four – Circular Treats

Yummy! What are some of your favorite circular baked goods? Our favorites are pie (of course!), cookies, pizzas, biscuits, just to name a few! Bake some circular-shaped treats with your grownup and munch on them while watching some other fun pi videos!

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