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Make a Mosaic

September is GCM’s birthday month and in celebration, this month’s Family Play Project is all about mosaics… just like the one on the front of our building! Learn about mosaics with Team GCM Educator, Melanie, and then learn how to make a mosaic of your own.


  • Canvas. You can use a piece of cardboard just like us!
  • Glue. Liquid glue will be the best.
  • Recycled materials. These could be cut cardboard squares that you’ve colored or painted, bottle caps, buttons, and more!


  1. Take a good look at the recycled materials you’ve collected and feel free to sort them to get your creative juices flowing. What items do you have? What different colors and textures did you collect?
  2. Start placing your items onto your canvas, but don’t glue them down just yet. Play around with different designs and placements until you have a look you’re happy with!
  3. Once you have a setup you like, start gluing down your pieces one by one.
  4. Voila! You’ve made your very own mosaic, just like the one on the outside of our building.

Team GCM Creators: Madai + Melanie