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Marshmallow Building & Activity Sheet

Hello friends! It’s Caroline from Team GCM! Watch the video above to learn all about 2D and 3D shapes. Don’t have the materials? No worries! Use our handy dandy activity sheet below to make your own triangular prism out of paper1 

2D Shape: a form with two dimensions, width, and height.

  • Examples: Triangle, Square, Circle 

3D Shape: a form with three dimensions, width, height, and depth.

  • Examples: Triangular Prism, Cube, Triangular Prism, Sphere
Materials: Marshmallows of any size Toothpicks

Supply Substitutes:

Marshmallow Substitutes: Jelly beans, Dots, Caramel candies, any sticky substance that will hold its shape 

Toothpicks Substitute: Pretzel sticks, cotton swabs with the cotton taken off of the ends, twigs from a garden, any short stick-like shaped material that is not bendy.

Click the image to download and share your kiddo’s creations with the hashtag #GCMatHome

Team GCM Creators: Caroline & Lauren

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