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Newspaper Basket Weaving

Join Caroline from Team GCM as she teaches you how to weave a basket out of newspaper and chats a little about the history of basket weaving! 

Items Needed: 



  1. Grab one piece of newspaper and lay it out flat in front of you. Fold bottom edge up one centimeter. Repeat folding until the newspaper resembles a flat roll. Repeat until you have 15-20 rolls. 
  2. Determine how large you would like the base of the basket to be. For a smaller basket use fewer newspaper rolls, for a larger basket use a greater number of newspaper rolls.
  3. Lay down your desired number of newspaper rolls side by side on your weaving surface. 
  4. Grab the ends of alternating newspaper rolls and pull up to place one newspaper roll perpendicular to the base that is laying on your weaving surface. Lay down the alternating newspaper rolls. The newspaper roll that you just placed should be woven through your base with an in and out pattern. Repeat until the desired width of the basket base is established. For example: If you would like a square, medium-sized basket, create a 6×6 base.
  5. To make the sides of the basket, grab one newspaper roll, manipulate the ends of the basket base to point upwards, and start weaving the single newspaper roll in an in and out pattern. When you reach a corner curve the newspaper roll that is weaving in and out of the basket base.
  6. Once you reach the end of the newspaper roll that you are weaving, tape the end of another newspaper roll to your existing newspaper roll. 
  7. Continue to weave newspaper rolls until you have reached the desired height of your basket. 
  8. To finish the basket, grab one end of a newspaper roll that is sticking up straight out of the basket. Determine whether this piece is on the outside or inside of the basket. If the end of the newspaper roll is sticking up out of the inside of the basket you must fold it down over the edge of the basket towards the outside and either weave it back into the basket or tape it down if it is too short to do so. Vice versa if the end of the newspaper roll is sticking up out of the outside. Repeat until all ends are secured.
  9. Admire your handiwork and place some objects in your new basket! 

Team GCM Creators: Caroline