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DIY Walking Stick

Get ready for your next nature adventure by making a colorful walking stick with Team GCM member, Jenna!


  • A long, sturdy stick or small branch from your backyard
  • Paint and paintbrushes
  • Decorative items of your choice (ex. yarn or string, beads, glitter)


  1. The only direction for this project is to decorate your stick using your imagination!

Design Ideas:

  • Paint your stick top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top in the colors of the rainbow! Do you remember the order? ROYGBV of course!
  • Add beads to your string or yarn to tie around your stick and hear the beads swish and clank together as you’re walking.
  • Wrap one part of your stick all with yarn! All you have to do is tie one loop around your stick and tie with a knot and then wrap your yarn around your stick row by row, then tie off again with a tight knot.
  • What about some light jingle bells? Add a few, small jingle bells on some yarn to your stick for some jingle jangle!
  • You’ve heard of Forky… what about Sticky?! Add some google eyes to the top of your stick to create a walking stick buddy!