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DIY Colorful Lamp

Hi friends, today we’re talking about lamps! But not the kind you might have in your home. We’re looking at lamps made thousands of years ago so close your eyes and imagine what a lamp might look like. Early clay lamps used oil and a wick, similar to a candle. What do you think lamps were used for? To light up spaces! Lamps were also used to celebrate special events, kind of like how we light candles on our birthday. 

Over time lamps started to get more detailed. They started to be made from glass and would use enamel or paint. These glass lamps can be broken into three parts, the neck, belly, and foot, just like us! What do you think happens when light from a candle or the oil shined through colorful glass? It will light up a room and might be a little colorful!

We can make our own lamps using recycled materials and some art supplies. To create our lamp today we need a glass mason jar or you can reuse an empty spaghetti or jelly jar. You will also need paint and/or tissue paper and glue, and a flashlight or the light on an adult’s phone. To create your lamp paint the inside of your glass jar. If you’re using tissue paper and glue, just rip small pieces of tissue paper then glue them on the inside of your jar. Once you finish decorating your glass jar, place it on top of a flashlight, and see what you created!


  • Glass mason jar or empty spaghetti/jelly jar
  • Paint
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue
  • Flashlight


  1. Paint and/or glue ripped pieces of tissue paper onto the inside of your glass jar
  2. When you’ve finished decorating your glass jar, place it on top of a flashlight to see what you’ve created! What colors shine on your walls? What patterns?

Team GCM Creator: Ashley