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Color Wheel Lesson & DIY Object Color Wheel

Hi friends! Today on GCM at Home we’re talking about color! Do you have a favorite color? Red? Purple? Yellow? There are lots of colors in the world so to help organize colors we use a color wheel! A color wheel shows the relationship of the colors to each other. A color wheel includes the three primary colors and the colors created from mixing colors together. Primary colors are colors that cannot be mixed from any other color and are the source of all other colors. What do you think the three primary colors are? They are red, yellow, and blue! So what happens if we mix some of the primary colors together? What color do you get if you mix red and blue? You create purple! What about yellow and blue? Green! What if we mix red and yellow? It makes orange!

Now that we have learned about primary colors and how they can be mixed together to create other colors on the color wheel, let’s recreate our own color wheel! To create our color wheel today, look all around your room or your house for objects that represent the different colors on the color wheel and put the objects in a circle. What can you find?

Team GCM Creator: Ashley