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Animation Art

Join Team GCM member, Essence, in an art project that teaches the basics of cartoon animation. Watch the video then get creative and make your own animation art!


  •         Sheet of cardstock
  •         Drawing and coloring materials
  •         Scissors
  •         Clear tape
  •         Staples and Stapler
  •         Paper or plastic straw

Fold the cardstock horizontally so that you have 2 inches of double-sided paper. Measure 8 centimeters across the top of the fold, and cut the folded card stock out so you have a 2 in by 8 cm flooded flap.

On one side of the flap, draw the background of your picture. This is the element in your drawing that sets the scene of your drawing. On the other side of the flap, draw the foreground. This is the main subject or main character of your drawing.

Place the straw in between the flap and in the middle of the cardstock with the two drawings facing out. Staple the straw into place at the top and tape around the edges to keep everything in place.

Your flip-stick is finished! Twirl the image by placing the straw in between your palms and rubbing them back and forth. You should be able to see both the foreground and background at the same time. The faster you spin, the clearer the image will appear.  

Team GCM Creator: Essence