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DIY I Spy Bottle

Children love to touch and explore tiny objects. Exploration is a great way for kids to learn about the world around them. Sensory I Spy bottles provide a creative and fun way for young children to explore small items safely. GCM Team Member, Bridgette, will show you how to create an I Spy Bottle that kiddos will love exploring! Thanks to our friends at CARD, who provided this fun sensory activity.

Materials Needed: Jar or plastic bottle Uncooked pasta, rice, or beans Trinkets or small objects Superglue (optional)


1. Place the objects in the bottle
2. Fill ⅔ of the bottle with the uncooked pasta
3. Place the lid on the bottle and shake until the objects have moved around in the bottle
4. Take off the lid and fill the bottle with more pasta (make sure there is still room to shake and move the objects)
5. Replace the lid to the bottle tightly (you can choose to superglue the lid closed)
6. Now it’s time to play! Have your child shake and turn the bottle so they can discover all of the tiny objects hidden inside.

Extra Fun:

  • To make the Sensory I Spy bottle a little more challenging, make a list of the objects you placed in the bottle. As your child finds each object, let them cross off the object on the list.
  • Use alphabet letters to encourage children to find and identify letters.
  • Use colored uncooked pasta or rice or add glitter to the bottle.
  • When your child is finished exploring the bottle, the contents of the bottle can be placed in a sensory bin for further sensory exploration.

Team GCM Creator: Bridgette