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Graphic Design & Marketing Intern

Share your creativity with GCM! If you are a college student looking for a graphic design and marketing internship, please email your resume to | Download Job Description  


Development Intern

The Glazer Children’s Museum is seeking a college student who is interested in serving as an intern and providing a wide range of database, research, administrative, and general support to GCM’s development team. In return, GCM will provide an opportunity for the intern to gain experience in and familiarity with areas such as fundraising, philanthropy, event planning, grant reporting, stewardship, and the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit organization. The Development Intern will report to the Senior Director of Development and Development Coordinator, and will support the entire Development team. To apply, send your resume to | Download Job Description


Florida Girls STEM Collaborative Intern

Have a passion for making sure the playing field is equal for every girl who wants to be an astronaut, computer scientist, or engineer?  Join us at Glazer Children’s Museum as we launch the Florida STEM Girls Collaborative. The Florida STEM Girls Collaborative is the statewide organization affiliated with the National Girls Collaborative Project and the Connectory. Florida STEM Girls Collaborative will bring together organizations throughout the state (especially those focused on out-of-school time) and corporations that are committed to informing and motivating girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). To apply, send your resume to | Download Job Description


School & Groups Intern

This position is responsible for assisting field trip group interactions throughout the year. Reporting to the School & Groups Manager, this position will greet and interact with school groups, as well as teach SMALLab and Think Studio sessions. To apply, send your resume to | Download Job Description


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