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Homemade Butter Recipe & Activity Sheet

Team GCM member, Gift, shows you how to make homemade butter! And if you’re feeling extra moo-tivated, try out our cow coloring sheet!

Ingredients & Materials: Heaving Whipping Cream Mason Jar (or any air-tight container) Clean marble (optional) Coffee filter or thin strainer


  1. Fill your air-tight container with heavy whipping cream 
  2. Add clean marble
  3. Shake until marble stops making sounds, or when heavy whipping cream turns into whipped cream
  4. Rest for about 1 minute
  5. Continue shaking until a solid is formed
  6. Strain the contents of the air-tight container through a coffee filter, leaving only solid butter behind
  7. Add salt to taste

And there you go, you’ve got butter!

Click the image to download and share your kiddo’s creations with the hashtag #GCMatHome

Team GCM Creators: Gift & Lauren