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Hurricane Safety and Sounds

Join Team GCM member, Jenna, as she shares some hurricane safety tips and then shows you how to recreate some hurricane sounds at home with kitchen objects to familiarize yourself with what you may hear!

Storm Sounds Activity Activity Questions Helpful Tips

What is a hurricane? A hurricane is a big storm where there is lots of warm water and fast winds. A hurricane rotates in a circle and when you see pictures of it, it looks like a very cloudy doughnut, and the hole you see in the middle is called the eye

Hurricanes can be kind of scary, but hey, it’s ok to be scared and it’s important to have a plan with your grownups for when a hurricane comes to your town. A plan will provide you with information like where to go in your house during the stormwho to call in an emergency, and the location of your storm kit.

What is a storm kit? A storm kit is a box filled with items that will be helpful during a storm or hurricane. Some helpful items inside a storm kit may include flashlights, first aid kits, water bottles, non-perishable foods, blankets, and more! It could also have items that make you feel safe and comforted like coloring books and crayons, board games, a stuffed animal, and other comfort items.

Storm Sounds Activity:

In this activity, you will be making thunder and lightning sounds with items from your house.

Materials could include: aluminum pie tins, empty plastic containers, a big empty can or tin, a shoebox, paintbrushes, and popsicle sticks.

Experiment with your items! What would it sound like if you were to bang your pie tin with a paintbrush? Or the pie tin on the plastic container? Or the pie tins together or the plastic container on the shoebox? When Jenna says “Go!” start making different noises using your items and when Jenna says “Stop!” stop making noises.

After Activity Questions:

What happened when you stopped making noises? Did the “thunder” sounds continue? Did the “lightning” sounds continue? No! So just like when a hurricane stops and the storm passes, the thunder and lightning will stop and pass too. A helpful tip is to remind yourself of during a storm is that the sounds from a storm are just temporary. Temporary means that they will happen for a certain length of time and then will stop.

How did you feel making these sounds? Was it scary for you? Did you have fun making noises? It’s OK if it was scary for you! Loud noises can be scary, but they can also be really fun.

What can you do to comfort yourself during a storm? Jenna likes to wrap herself up in a cozy blanket and give herself a hug! You can do things like reading a book, hugging your favorite stuffed animal, play a board game with a family member, or take a few big, deep breaths!

Helpful Tips from Jenna:

  • Create a hurricane safety plan with your family so you feel prepared
  • Put together a storm kit filled with helpful storm items like flashlights, first aid kit, extra batteries, water, non-perishable food, playpens for infants, and more
  • Include comfort items in your storm kit like your favorite books, a cozy blanket, coloring books and crayons, board games, and more
  • Remind yourself during a storm that it is only temporary. Storms are not forever! They will pass and so will your feelings of being scared

Team GCM Creator: Jenna

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