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Recycled Paper Roll Frog

Riiibbiitt! Team GCM member, Gift, is showing us how to make a frog out of a recycled toilet paper roll and household craft materials!


  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Red and green construction paper
  • Toilet paper tube roll
  • Green paint


  1. Ribbit! Cut out some frog legs
  2. Paint your toilet paper tube roll green! No need to get messy painting the inside of the roll, painting just the outside is perfect.
  3. Cut a strip of your red construction paper for the frog’s tongue
  4. Squish down one side of your toilet paper tube roll until it’s flat and then staple it closed. Be careful using the stapler or ask for a grownup’s help.
  5. Now take your glue and frog legs and glue those hoppy legs onto your frog. For your front frog legs, glue them to the side of the roll you didn’t staple. For your back frog legs, glue them to the stapled side.
  6. Roll your strip of red paper around your finger so it’s all stringy just like a frog’s tongue! Hold for about 3 seconds to have it nice and springy.
  7. Glue your frog’s tongue to the inside of the tube on the front end.
  8. Time for googly eyes! Glue your googly eyes, or use eye stickers to put them on the top of your tube roll for his big froggy eyes.

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Team GCM Creator: Gift