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Fall Sensory Bag

Use your senses to explore autumn with a Fall Sensory Bag! Team GCM Member Mary teaches us how to use a few simple materials to create this fun sensory experience.


  • Gallon-sized Ziplock Bag
  • Liquid for your Ziplock bag. You can use hair gel, shaving cream, oil and water, or anything else you have on hand! Feel free to add food coloring too!
  • Fall Decorations (leaves, mini pumpkins, etc.)


  1. Fill your bag with your fall-themed items.
  2. Add the liquid and fill your bag until it is about half full.
  3. Squeeze all the extra air out of your sensory bag and seal the bag nice and tight!
  4. It’s time to play! Squeeze your sensory bag! What textures do you feel? What colors do you see? Share your observations with someone!

Team GCM Creator: Mary