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Election Day Resources for Kids

Team GCM Playologists, Sydney and Bill, are our GCM poll workers today for GCM Votes! Guests are voting for their favorite shows, animals, and more!

How can you explain the Presidential Election to your children in a way they can understand? We can help! Team GCM has gathered resources for you to use at home to help your children connect to the world around them this Election Day in an easily digestible way. We got together helpful resources from our favorites like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Sesame Street, and more!

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

  • In the Neighborhood Voting Booth | Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Daniel Tiger is asked to vote on whether he’d like swings or a slide in the new playground. His father explains the process of voting, Daniel makes his choice, then the votes are counted.  When the winner is announced, Daniel is disappointed, but only at first.

  • Stop, Think and Choose | Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Teacher Harriett announces that the children will be voting on a new class pet — either a rabbit or a turtle. She helps them learn about voting by encouraging them to stop (and learn about the two pets), think, and then choose.

  • You Can’t Always Get What You Want | Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Teacher Harriett holds an election to choose the new class pet – a turtle or a rabbit. Daniel wants a turtle so that he can watch it swim, but the rabbit wins the election. Daniel finds that even though his choice didn’t win, there are things he can enjoy about the pet that won the vote.

Sesame Street

  • Vote Song | Sesame Street: When a group of people can’t agree, sometimes they have to make a choice and vote. The group with the most votes wins. This song teaches the concept of voting and reviews counting.

  • Sesame Street – Election Day: Big Bird and Snuffy learn about voting on Election Day.


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Team GCM Creator: Carlynn