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Donation Request

Thank you for your interest in the general admission ticket donation program at Glazer Children’s Museum. The Glazer Children’s Museum values supporting our community and are happy to support hundreds of our Tampa Bay partners throughout the year through donations to local community events, initiatives, and activities. Due to many inquiries – all requests may not be fulfilled. Preference will be given to local nonprofit, tax-exempt entities demonstrating need. Please note, that all requirements must be met in order for your request to be considered.


  • Applicant must be a registered non-profit organization or an accredited academic institution with current 501 (c)3 status, or Military organization
  • A request for donation must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the fundraising event or need
  • No more than one donation is made to any group or its affiliate within a calendar year
  • Donations include a Family Four-Pack (four general admission tickets) for one-time use with a fair market value of $72.00 ($18 per ticket)
  • The museum is only able to fulfill requests for organizations located in Florida
  • The museum is unable to provide financial sponsorships or program advertising in support of fundraising events

Please note: Requests are reviewed at the end of each month. Tickets and notifications are sent out within the first two weeks of the following month.