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Ice Cream Play Dough

Join Team GCM member, Jenna, as she shows you how to make ice cream playdough! Create this sensory experience with just a few simple ingredients and then have fun smashing and mashing your ice cream with your hands. The best part: no sticky fingers and no runny mess!

Please note: This mixture is safe if eaten, but it is not for eating. The sole purpose of this creation is to inspire play! 


  • Salt (one cup per color)
  • Flour (one cup per color)
  • White cornmeal/PAN (¼ cup per color)
  • Water (one cup per color)
  • Sprinkles
  • Icecream cones (the crunchier the better!)
  • Food dye (gel or liquid)
  • Mixing bowls or plastic bins
  • A large plastic bin (to contain mess!)
  • Plastic tablecloth or covering for the ground (optional)


  1. Mix salt, flour, cornmeal, water, and food dye together until completely combined (I recommend using your hands to mix it! It’s more fun and saves a lot of time)
  2. The mixture should have the texture of hard ice cream; if not, add cornmeal until desired texture is reached
  3. Repeat this process for each ice cream “flavor” (color).
  4. Lay each “flavor” next to each other in a bin or container like you would in an ice cream shop!
  5. OPTIONAL: Use some paper, markers, and scissors to make signs with the name of each “flavor” to create an ice cream shop experience!
  6. Prep your cones and sprinkles near your flavors
  7. Time to play! Use a scoop or spoon to load up your ice cream cone with different colors of dough
  8. Add sprinkles or other toppings (I recommend using dry toppings only)
  9. Create and smash your creations to your liking!

Team GCM Creator: Jenna