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Types of Clouds Craft

Join Team GCM Educator, Ashley, as she gives a fun lesson about clouds. What are clouds made of? Why do clouds look different from each other? Ashley answers those questions and then shows you how to do a fun cotton ball cloud craft!


  • Paper. You can use any color you’d like, but blue will be the best so it can be your sky!
  • Jumbo-sized or extra-large cotton balls
  • Glue

Directions: Learn how to create the 3 types of clouds Ashley discussed: cirrus, stratus, and cumulus

  1. Cirrus clouds: pull your cotton balls apart to make thin, wispy clouds, then glue them to your paper
  2. Stratus clouds: pulls your cotton balls apart a little less than you did for the cirrus clouds, then glue them to your paper
  3. Cumuls clouds: don’t pull your cotton balls apart for this kind of cloud, instead glue them next to each other

How did your clouds turn out? What other clouds could you make? Once your clouds dry, you can even add some drawings to your creation, like a sun or a rainbow!

Team GCM Creator: Ashley