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Christi Belcourt

This month at GCM we’re showing our appreciation for nature! And today, Team GCM Educator, Ashley, is teaching us all about Christi Belcourt, a Métis (pronounced ‘may-TEE’ in English and ‘may-TEES’ in French) visual artist living and working in Canada. Have you heard of the Métis before? Join Ashley and learn more about Christi Belcourt and her paintings that celebrate the natural world and show the interconnectedness of nature. Then great ready to create your own artwork inspired by Christi!


  • Paper
  • Something to draw with


  1. Fold your paper in half to help you create a symmetrical work of art.
  2. Draw your design on one side of your paper. 
  3. Once you are finished with your design on one side of your paper, it’s time to make your work of art symmetrical. Try to draw the same picture on the other side of your fold.
  4. Check for any missing details. Christi Belcourt fills her whole canvas with plants and animals. Is there extra space you can fill in on your work of art?

Team GCM Creator: Ashley

Click the image to download