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Candy Aquarium

Get up to your gills in this mini candy aquarium with Team GCM Member, Jenna!


  • Nerds
  • Swedish Fish
  • Blue jello
  • Small jars with lids
  • A plastic knife


  1. With help from a grownup, follow the directions on your jello box to make your blue jello in one or two of your jars.
  2. Pour some Nerds into your empty jars, these are your aquarium rocks!
  3. Now here’s the tricky part, you may need a grownup’s help for this. Take your plastic knife and carve out your blue jello from the jar. Then hold it over your jar with nerds and it should slip right out into your Nerds jar
  4. Use your plastic knife to cut a slit inside your blue jello jar, then take your Swedish fish and place it inside the slit so that your candy fish can swim around!
  5. There you go, you’ve got a candy aquarium!

Team GCM Creator: Jenna