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The Glazer Children’s Museum strives to create an inclusive learning laboratory where all guests can play, discover, and connect to the world around them. We are intent on creating accessible programs, exhibits, and spaces where the diverse needs and abilities of our guests are accommodated and all can develop as lifelong learners and leaders!

For assistance on planning your visit, questions, or feedback please email or call 813 443 3861


Please note that our official mask policy follows mandates by the City of Tampa and Hillsborough County. We require that guests 2 and older – who are able to wear masks – are required to wear masks that cover the nose and mouth. If your child is unable to wear a mask, they will not be required to! When you arrive at the museum, please tell our guest services team that your child is unable to wear a mask, and we will give them a sticker that says “Approved to be mask-free.” Others in your group who are able to wear masks are still expected to do so. If you have further questions, please email

Parking and Transportation

Parking is available in the surrounding garages, lots, and metered street parking. A majority of parking around the museum is owned and managed by the City of Tampa and rates are to the city’s discretion. Rates can change due to city-wide activities such as sports games, concerts, and other special events. For garage, lot, and metered street parking information please visit the City of Tampa website.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking can be found in the pay-by-the-hour William F. Poe garage adjacent to the Museum. The William F. Poe garage is the appropriate height for van accessibility and offers 20 disabled parking spaces on their 1st, 2nd, and 4th floors. The City of Tampa Parking Division also offers disabled on-street parking throughout the city. For space locations and instructions please visit the City of Tampa website on Disabled Parking.

Passenger Drop-Off

The Museum’s passenger drop-off area is located on W. Gasparilla Plaza in the round-a-bout between the Museum and the Tampa Museum of Art.

Museum Mobility

All themed areas and most exhibits in the Glazer Children’s Museum are wheelchair accessible. A limited number of wheelchairs are available upon request at Guest Services in the lobby.

Accessible Entrance 

The Glazer Children’s Museum’s accessible entrance is located on the west side of the building next to the round-a-bout between the Museum and the Tampa Museum of Art.


Elevators are located in the center of the Museum and provide access to Levels 1 and 2. Level 3 can be accessed during special programming and events.


All Museum restrooms are wheelchair-friendly, have handicap stalls and changing tables. Restrooms are located near the elevators on all levels. Restroom toilets operate on a sensor, but please feel free to ask Guest Services for a Sensor Cover to help control the loud noise. All Museum restrooms have paper towels readily available. There are also water bottle refill stations outside each restroom.

Service Animals

Service animals are always welcome in the museum in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In rare cases, service animals may be prohibited in certain Museum locations due to safety or health restrictions, or where service animals may get hurt.

VELA Chairs

The Museum offers VELA chairs to assist guests with special needs to help them enjoy our programs and exhibits with ease. VELA chairs are located near the main staircase in the Museum lobby at can be used at no cost. Please feel free to ask Guest Services how a VELA chair can be used throughout the Museum.


The Glazer Children’s Museum is partnered with the Center for Autism & Related Disabilities at the University of South Florida to provide support and optimize the museum experience for children with autism and their families. As a certified Autism Friendly business, we strive to create a unique and fun learning experience for all children to enjoy. Please read the social story created by CARD to help plan your next visit to the Glazer Children’s Museum.

Social Story by CARD

Adaptability Box

All guests deserve to have a comfortable, fun-filled time every time they visit and the items in the Adaptability Box help with just that. Upon arrival, please feel free to ask Guest Services about how you can use any item in the box during your visit.

Items include: Experience Book to guide you through the museum, Universal Quad Cuff to help aid in grip and grasps, Sensor Covers to help control the loud noises of the bathroom toilets, Fidget Toys to help stay focused and relaxed, Noise Cancelling Headphones to help with symptoms of sensory processing, Visual Timers to help teach the concept of time and moving from one activity to the next, and Weighted Vests to help feel relaxed and calm.

Camp Imagination

GCM always strive for inclusion, so we are particularly proud to offer two Autism-Friendly weeks of summer camp at Camp Imagination! Each summer, 2 weeks of camp will have additional specially trained staff, a quiet space for campers who need a break, and an optional orientation the week prior so campers will know exactly what to expect! Find more information at

Sunshine Sunday

$5 General Admission | Free For Members

Sunshine Sunday is a special monthly event for children with special needs and their caregivers. Come explore the Museum with lights and sounds turned down and sensory adapted tools, special programs, and community resources at your fingertips. It’s during this time that children and their families can experience the Museum and unite with others on a similar journey. We are proud to offer an addition to Sunshine Sunday called Sunshine Squad. This is a sensory-friendly opportunity for tweens and teens to practice their social skills by playing games, interacting with others their age and those on a similar journey. Sunshine Squad includes sensory-friendly tools and resources, curated games and activities, and staff trained by the Center for Autism & Related Disabilities.

Special programming and events are subject to change each month. We encourage all families to check out our Calendar to learn about special activities happening each month. Questions? Please contact


My child has special needs, what is the best day to visit the Museum?

Sunshine Sundays are a great way to enjoy the Museum with ease. Sunshine Sunday is a monthly event on the last Sunday of each month from 10am-1pm and offers sensory-friendly fun for children with special needs and their caregivers. Mondays are also a great day to visit the Museum as it is our slowest day and we very rarely schedule Field Trips on that day.

Can I schedule an Accessible Field Trip?

We reserve Mondays for any Field Trips for children with special needs, their teachers, and caretakers. Please contact Guest Services at or  813 443 3821 for information about scheduling an Accessible Field Trip.

Do you offer any other Sensory Friendly programs or events?

We sure do! Any program or event with a Sensory Friendly version will be listed on our Calendar page. Special programming and events are subject to change each month.