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For more general information about the Glazer Children’s Museum, please call 8134433861, email, or use the form below.

  • Providing a number we can reach you at, helps to ensure your question is answered quickly.

The Glazer Children’s Museum is committed to supporting other nonprofit organizations by donating free admission passes or 3 month family memberships to fundraising events that benefit children. We’re happy to give back to other nonprofit groups in our community.

Jennifer Stancil

President & CEO


Kristen Nieves

Chief Operating Officer


Denisse De Leon

Education Coordinator


Kerry Falwell

Director of Education & Community Partnerships


Alyssa Ortiz

Marketing & Communications Manager


Lindsay Kohn

Donor Relations Coordinator


Megan Moyer

Visitor Experience Manager


Lauren Colombo

Graphic Designer


Sarah Bou Zeidan

Finance & Administration Manager


Tiffany Rivera

Museum Services Coordinator


Melissa Schuman



Shayna Pimentel

Weekend Manager


Ryan Gonzalez

Senior Director of Development


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