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Top Picks from GCM

This Spring, GCM has you covered with innovative ways your family can continue to explore and grow together. From math mystery shows to nature photography, here are ways to keep the learning going this season!


1. Project MC²

A TV Series for Tweens
Super-smart teenage girls use math and science to solve top-secret missions in the Emmy® nominated Netflix series, Project Mc2. The show’s creator, mathematician, bestselling author, and actress Danica McKellar is on a mission to advance girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Conduct experiments and complete missions of your own at Then join us this summer for MathAlive!, the blockbuster traveling exhibit that brings math to life at GCM!


2. Mind Snacks

Language Apps for All Ages
Learn a new language or expand your vocabulary with Mind Snacks, a series of fantastic apps that feed the brain, featuring seven languages as well as Kids’ Vocab and SAT Vocab. The Mind Snacks apps use engaging games designed to build vocabulary and boost conversation skills. Show off your new skills this May during our International Children’s Festival at GCM!


3. The Alton Browncast

A Foodie Podcast for the Whole Family
Listen to conversations between chef and TV personality Alton Brown and his array of guests, from chefs, to authors, scientists to makers, and more with The Alton Browncast. The podcast focuses o the science of food with fun and creative cooking techniques and recipes. Download from iTunes today and continue the delicious family fun with GCM’s Worldly Wednesdays cooking programs!


4. Andy Goldsworthy

A Photo Book of Nature Sculptures
Celebrate Earth Day and see nature through the eyes of Andy Goldsworthy, an exquisite sculptor known for his temporary installations made out of found nature items including snow, ice, leaves, rock, clay, stones, feathers, twigs, and sand. Then, expand your earthly horizons at GCM by experiencing the water cycle as a waterdrop in Water’s Journey or crawling like an ant in our new nature-inspired playground in Get Moving!