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6 Kid Makers Who Are Changing The World

It’s the Summer of Making at GCM and all summer long we have been celebrating resourcefulness, innovativeness, and creativity, and aiming to inspire kiddos of all ages to solve real-world problems with their own creations, no matter how big or small. Kiddos are the future, and these kiddos below are already making the world a better place with their incredible inventions!


Mallory Age 13

Mallory invented the Hiccupop, a lollipop formulated to get rid of hiccups. Mallory’s lollipop is made with apple cider vinegar and sugar, the vinegar overstimulates the nerves in the throat that message your body telling it to hiccup and cancels out that message. The Hiccupop has won awards for innovativeness and patentability. She hopes it will become a staple of school nurses, drug stores, and cancer patients going through chemotherapy.

Maddox Age 10

Maddox invented the Measuring Shovel, a gardening tool that helps gardeners measure the depths of holes and the distance between plants. It took Maddox only 30 minutes to cover a regular shovel with duct tape marked with measurements on depth and width. He’s won awards at state and national competitions. He says his invention can help anyone from gardeners to construction workers.

Lucca Age 13

Luca invented the Message Mask, a device that allows people wearing oxygen masks to communicate without taking their mask off. It connects users to a bluetooth speaker and a microphone. Lucca’s invention was inspired by his Grandma Ruth’s stay in the hospital and won an award at the 2016 National Invention Convention. Like all inventions starting off, Lucca’s Message Mask has gone through changes to improve how it works, like putting the microphone inside of the tube for more clarity.

Isaiah Age 10

Isaiah invented the Touch-Aid, a fingertip bandaid that allows users to interact with touchscreen displays. Isaiah loves to make and craft and often got small cuts on his fingers that he’d put bandages on. His invention was inspired by his frustration of not being able to use his smart-tablet’s touchscreen due to bandaids covering his fingers. Isaiah tried 25 different materials on his bandaid prototype before he found a combination that worked! He’s currently working on getting his bandaid to market and in stores everywhere.

Kylie Age 11

Kylie invented IV Backpacks so kids with cancer can play while they are getting treatments. Her invention was inspired by her own experiences battling cancer as the IV poles and wires always got in the way of her play, and most days she was too weak to push the pole herself. Kylie’s teachers submitted her great invention to the Connecticut Invention Convention where she won 4 awards, beating out 700 other creations! Today, Kylie is healthy and she’s raising money to place two backpacks in every pediatric cancer ward across the United States.

Eli Age 14

Eli invented Listen4Me, a headset that helps process sounds and displays text for the hearing impaired for them to better know what’s going on around them and better understand spoken words. His creation even translates to other languages! Eli was inspired by friends who have hearing impairments and his desire for them to participate more fully in daily life. His invention has won multiple awards, including the Microsoft-sponsored Global Change Award for Accessibility.


By Carlynn Arcese, Glazer Children’s Museum