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Every $1 you donate opens a world of imagination and discovery for a child. No donation is too small.

$25 provides a new animal in the Vet Clinic. Animals are replaced quite often since they receive a lot of love and get handled on a daily basis.

$50 covers the cost of hand sanitizer to fill multiple hand sanitizer stations located through the Museum on a weekly basis.

$100 is the cost to refill the Lego station that is needed bi-monthly.

$250 provides new books for reading nooks located throughout the Museum.

$500 sponsors art materials like paint, brushes, and trays for the Museum’s art lab for one month. The Museum’s art lab is open every Monday from 10am-4pm for drop-in projects.

$1,000 is the cost to provide 16 special needs children and their families an exceptional Museum experience during Sunshine Sunday.

$2,500 is spent on new sand for the sand box area, a very popular place to explore inside the Museum that is refilled about once a quarter.

$5,000 allows the Museum to invest in new technologies that engage Members and our sponsored students living in poverty.


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