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Shadow Puppets

Join Team GCM Member Ashley as she dives into the world of Puppets! After you learn about the history of these story-telling tools, why not create your own puppets and become a puppeteer yourself? Follow the directions below to put on your own puppet show!

Art steps:

  1. Draw or trace what you want your puppet to be on a sheet of paper. You don’t have to worry about details or what color your paper is because you’re only going to see the shadow of it. 
  2. Cut out your creation
  3. Tape your cut out to a popsicle stick, spoon, or pencil.
  4. Ta-da! You created a shadow puppet. Now it’s time to test it out!

To set up your stage:

  1. Use a flashlight or the light on an adult’s phone and shine it towards a wall. 
  2. Place your shadow puppets in front of the light.
  3. Look for your puppet’s shadow on the wall! 

Happy storytelling!

Team GCM Creator: Ashley