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K-1 Pod

We now have ongoing enrollment for our K-1 Pod!

With the first few weeks of school under our belts, we all have a better understanding of how the eLearning process will go this semester. Are you feeling like the first few weeks of eLearning were pretty intense? We are here to help! GCM has opened our Kindergarten Pod up to 1st Graders and created ongoing enrollment so you can register anytime throughout the semester.

The K-1 Pod is more than just tutoring or daycare! It’s a meaningful classroom experience supervised by four certified teachers, with hands-on activities that bring eLearning lessons to life off the screen.  Our teachers will help your child with math and reading skills at a pace that works for your child. Miss Ashley will lead circle time, arts and crafts, writing practice, and more. Plus, we have recess activities designed to stretch those little legs and get the wiggles out so your child is more focused back in the classroom.

The K-1 Pod is so much more than a drop-in center, it’s a community! Your child will learn and grow with the same teacher and classmates throughout the semester, allowing our teachers to give 1:1 attention to each child and tailored support based on your child’s needs. The K-1 Pod is designed to provide the benefits of a traditional classroom in a small, physically distant setting. Our classes have no more than 10 kids and plenty of room for physical distancing. To learn more about what we are doing to keep our campers and teachers safe, visit

Kindergarten and 1st Grade are a time to practice school skills, routines, social and emotional skills, and learning in a group, and we’re here to help!

Enroll your Child Today! Add Aftercare + Lunch K-1 Pod FAQ

GCM Members save 15% on tuition! Become a member at

Members, to receive your discount please be logged in with a registered account that has the matching first and last name, email address, and mailing address that is listed on your Membership.

Tuition: K-1 Pod
Tuition is $2,000 for the full 9-week grading period. Tuition is prorated for any late registrations. To give our families flexibility, the second 9-week grading period will have a separate registration and current campers will be able to register before we open it up to new campers. Tuition for the second 9-week grading period will also be $2,000. 
Subway Lunch
$50 per week. Sign up for one week or the whole period!
After School Enrichment Camp (2:30-5:30pm)
Aftercare is available on a weekly basis. Now eLearner and non-eLearner students can sign up for our After School Enrichment Camp! Learn more. 

  • $100 per week for GCM eLearner Students
  • $150 per week Students not enrolled in a GCM School Support Camp

To sponsor a scholarship for a child in need, please contact Anysia McDowall at

What to Bring

  • Personal eLearning Device: Please send your camper with either a laptop or tablet that they are comfortable using
  • Headphones: Each camper needs to have their own set of headphones that work with their personal eLearning Device
  • Lunch: You can send your camper’s lunch from home (must be nut-free) or you can select to add Subway Lunch for $50 per week. Snacks will be provided
  • A mask that covers the mouth and nose, to be used when in situations where physical distancing may be difficult


Camp Imagination School Support Camps will follow the Hillsborough County Public School calendar, including holidays and teacher planning days. The first day of class started August 24, but it’s not too late to join us! To provide families with flexibility, the initial registration for the Kindergarten Pod includes the first 9-week grading period. Registration for the second 9-week grading period will follow. Current campers will be able to register before we open it up to new campers. 

Pick up and Drop off
Kindergarten Pod: Drop-off is at 7:30am and pick-up is at 2:30pm
Aftercare: Pick-up is at 5:30pm


To be eligible, campers must be enrolled in Kindergarten or 1st Grade under the eLearning option at a Hillsborough County Public School. 


GCM’s health and safety procedures expand on our ten years of experience operating as a clean, safe, and fun museum. Those principles, Clean, Safe, and Fun, will guide our operations now more than ever. Learn what GCM is doing to keep campers, guests, and staff safe at

Cancellation Policy

We will continue to monitor Hillsborough County Public Schools’ plan for the school year and will strive to be as flexible as possible to meet your family’s needs, but space is very limited. We will make every effort to fill your camper’s spot with another child who needs eLearning support. If we are able to find another camper, the remainder of your tuition can be refunded.   

Questions? Please email 

*The Glazer Children’s Museum is not responsible for your child’s grades or school performance.