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Extended Deadline For EIK Nominations!

We extended the nominations date to Tuesday, March 29.  As top educators who make it a mission everyday to build leaders in their classroom, the Glazer Children’s Museum thanks you for shaping the future of our community. It’s for this very reason why GCM finds it essential to honor innovative educators during our annual Education is Key Breakfast. Happening this April, we’re honoring one special student and stellar educator who strive to create an environment where dreaming is endless for children.

Five years young, the Museum continues to build on children finding inspiration to dream- and we mean dream BIG! Now is your time to tell us who else is making that their mission or share a story of someone following their own dreams this year. Maybe you have a student that was held back is succeeding despite great odds. Do you know a teacher that goes above and beyond to provide an exceptional learning environment for his or her students? We want to hear it!

 Nominations are due by Tuesday, March 29 at 5pm. Winners will receive:
  • 2 tickets to the Awards & Breakfast
  • $250 Award
  • Special Commemorative Certificate