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Museum Educators and Playologists have expertise in multiple concept areas. Choose an Assembly, Workshop, or SMALLab Scenario that best fits your class and book your next field trip to GCM! All Add-On Experiences align with Florida State Standards.

Assemblies  +$1 Each Student
Math Squad
Math, Teamwork Grades K-2
Help the Math Squad save the day by using the power of earning, saving, and spending.

Science, Problem Solving, Grades K-2
Gather around for scientific feats so awesome they must be magic.

Science, Teamwork, Grades 2-4
Help us answer the question What is Power?

Workshops   +$2 Each Student
Wonderful Water
Grades PreK-1Learn the basics of the water cycle with a catchy song, dance, and art project.
Grade 2: Create weather!
Grades 3-4: Explore wetlands and oil spills with this hands-on workshop.

States of Matter
Grades 2-4: Discover solids, liquids, and gases by creating water’s states of matter.

What’s Inside Me
Grades 2-4: Learn about the unique and important jobs of your bones, muscles, and organs.

Math Muscles
Grades PreK-K Use yoga and simple exercises to explore lines, shapes, and math.

Shape Up with Art Art
Grades K-1 Math and art collide when we explore the works of Eric Carle.

Trading Places Math
Grades 3-4: Explore the Port of Tampa through a game of trade.

smART Studio Art
Grades 2-4: Work on your own, in a group, and as a class to make works of art with science and math.

New! Smallab Scenarios  +$3.50 Each Student
The first motion-capture based lab in a museum anywhere! Check it out today!

Shapes and Colors
Art, Math, Teamwork  |Grades, PreK-1 | Red, Green, Blue, Octagon! Mix, match, and cheer for colors and shapes all around.

Construct a Tale Literacy
Teamwork | Grades 1-3 | Collaborate to dissect the inner workings of a villain and hero. Create a fairy tale timeline and construct an original tale.

Fraction Action Math
Teamwork | Grades 2-4 | Work in teams to make sure your fraction knowledge is 100/100!

Memory Momentum
Problem Solving, Teamwork | Grades 3-5 |This isn’t your average memory game! Level up your knowledge with each new challenge. Choose from Parts of Speech, Planets and Moons, U.S. Geography, or Multiplication Fractions and Division.

Exclusive  +$4.50 Each Student
New! Weather WOW!
Science, Career Exploration,Grades 1-5
Dreaming about storm chasing, hurricanes and the thrill of weather? Explore weather systems in our SMALLab and Skype a Bay News 9 Meterologist. Please contact 8134433821 to book your next Weather WOW Experience!

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