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First ever in a Children’s Museum – SMALLab is an embodied learning environment where every learner is up, moving, and collaborating with peers. Have your students work together to solve puzzles, create stories and character plots, learn about the world, and paint digital masterpieces. This innovative, motion-capture technology can increase student learning by 86%, and yield a 7x increase in student-centered discussions. Watch as your classroom becomes the fraction, letter, molecule, paintbrush, or playing piece in hundreds of educational activities, all aligning with Pre K-12 STEAM curriculum and Common Core standards.

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The SMALLab Experience accommodates a max of 26 students and 3 chaperones. Each scenario is 45 minutes in length and comes with a SMALLab Educator to facilitate. For groups larger than 26, GCM Reservations will assign you a multiple group schedule once completed reservation form is sent.

Students, $9.50 each ($6 GCM Field Trip + SMALLab Add On $3.50)
Lead Teacher, Free
1 Adult Chaperone to every 10 Students, Free
Additonal Chaperones, $10 each

Rental Pricing:
Half Day Rentals – $600
Full Day Rentals – $800
Hourly Rates – $250 per hour

Available Scenarios | Scenarios available through 2017

Shapes and Colors Fantastic
Pre K-Grade 1 | Art, Math, Literacy
Red, Green, Blue, Octagon! Mix, match, and cheer for colors, letters, sound combinations, and art.

Construct a Tale
Grades 1-3 | Literacy, Narrative Construction
Video board meets program solving in this fantastic fairy tales experience. Collaborate to create a fairy tale timeline. Dissect the inner workings of a villain and hero to construct a brilliant story. Recommended with our Fairy Tales Workshop.

Fraction Action
Grades 2-4 | Math, Teamwork
Don’t let the fraction fall off the factory ledge before it’s complete! Work in teams to make sure your fraction knowledge is top-notch!

Memory Momentum
Grades 3-5 | Problem Solving, Critical Thinking
This isn’t your average memory game! Choose your own Memory Momentum adventure with increasingly difficult levels as you continue! Choose from:

  • Parts of Speech
  • Planets and Moons
  • United States Geography
  • Multiplication, Fractions, and Division

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