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The Glazer Children’s Museum is the world’s first museum to have a Motion-Capture Lab! SMALLab is an embodied learning environment where every learner is up, moving, and collaborating with peers. Team up with a Museum Educator to bring your classroom lessons to life in this unique motioncapture setting where your movements make the experience different each time. Research shows that in SMALLab, there is an 86% increase in student learning and peer collaboration is 6.7 times higher than the normal classroom. Watch as your classroom becomes the fraction, letter, molecule, paintbrush, or playing piece in hundreds of educational activities, all aligning with Pre K-12 STEAM curriculum and Common Core standards.

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Interested in workplace team building in SMALLab?
Half Day Rentals $600
Full Day Rentals $800
Hourly Rates $250 per hour