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Florida State Standards

Grade SMALLab Think Studios
Pre K New! Shape it Up with Peg + Cat
Join Peg the Bold and Brave Sir Cat to explore the attributes of 2D shapes. Master circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, ovals, and semi-circles and then create your own Peg take-home using these shapes.
Be a Good Neighbor with Daniel Tiger            Through puppet making and play inspired by Daniel Tiger, explore feelings, relationships to others, and how to be a great friend. Make your own Daniel Tiger puppet, learn how to use your words to describe your emotions and sing along with your classmates.
New! Play with Pigeon
Recognize and mimic the emotions of Pigeon from Mo Willem’s popular book Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, a Caldecott Honor Book, in this literary Think Studio. After acting out Pigeon’s feelings, use handprints, paint, and crayon to share your feelings and create your own Pigeon to take home.
Nature Adventure with Cat in the Hat
Go on an adventure with Cat in the Hat, our favorite Dr. Seuss character. Practice keen observation and learn about Florida’s native flora and fauna. Create your own observation notebook, then sketch and press Florida fauna in your take-home book.
Design and Build with Curious George
Harness Curious George’s problem-solving style to complete a design challenge in this Think Studio. Watch your students create a blueprint, craft a prototype, and run trials before improving their final design.

New! Peg’s Pizza Place with Peg + Cat          Practice counting to 100 in this pizza-crafting Think Studio. Take customer orders, group objects by 10’s, and work together to create slices that combine to make a pizza with 100 toppings.

Grade 1 Color Wheels
It’s an artist’s studio! It’s a game! It’s painting with motion! Learn about, use, and mix digital primary colors in this colorful, movement-based game in our motion-capture laboratory.
Playing with Color                                            Enter the world of Olivia the Pig, a Caldecott Honor Book, and explore the power of color in this literary Think Studio. Use charcoal crayons to illustrate like Ian Falconer and experiment with color to change and intensify your work.
New! Story Quilt Art                                          Create masterpieces using a fabric collage method inspired by Faith Ringgold’s beautiful picture book, Tar Beach, a Caldecott Honor Book. Explore the story’s Depression-era African American culture and beautiful patchwork borders.
New! Cranes for Peace                                    Learn the legend of origami cranes and read Molly Bang’s The Paper Crane. Then fold your own paper cranes: one to take home and one to leave behind for GCM’s 1,000 Cranes for Peace Installation.
Grade 2 Turn the Hands of Time                Become immersed in the world of time and all things clock-based. Stretch your arms and legs to turn the hands of a clock and race to match digital and analog time in our motion-capture laboratory. Squishy Circuits
Learn the basics of electrical circuits in this playful Think Studio. Explore conductive and insulating materials then design and build circuits to light a bulb, turn on a switch, or run a motor. Finally, create your own LED throwie to take home.
Pledge for the Planet
Become a Florida Citizen Scientist! Learn about native Florida plants, birds, and insects. Then get your hands dirty creating seed balls to take home or plant at school.
Maker Mania
Use a variety of conductive materials like bananas, marshmallows, or Play-Doh to create your own distinctive computer keyboard. Then, play the piano, drums, or a game of Pac-Man with your new keyboard. Whichever you choose, this Think Studio is sure to please.
Grade 3 Working the System                   Explore systems thinking and the real-world application of a holistic approach after watching the Cats of Borneo, a short animation detailing the long-term impact of spraying a pesticide. Work together to master a game based on your understanding of parts in a system. Musical Inventors
In this musical journey across the world, learn about the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra in Paraguay and then envision, design, and create your own musical instruments from recycled materials.
Pottery Pursuits
What can ceramics tell us about a culture? Explore the Taino arts and symbols of the Caribbean by designing and decorating your own small pinch pot while learning about the traditions of the Taino tribes.
New!Trash to Treasure
Turn everyday recycled materials into treasure in this art-inspired Think Studio. Use the ancient Greek art of mosaic, piecing together colored bottle caps, buttons, screws, and cardboard to create your own montage.
Grade 4 Fractions are Fun
Master fractions in our state-of-the-art motion-capture laboratory. When you use your body to understand, manipulate, and play with fractions, not only do the concepts really stick, but fractions become fun!
The Rube Goldberg Challenge
Compete as teams in this friendly, yet fierce creative session. Attempt to create an overly complicated machine to complete the simple task of your choice. A winning machine will be named and all entries will be photographed to select GCM’s 2019 Rube Goldberg Champion!
Amazing Roller Coaster Challenge
Turn potential energy and gravity into kinetic energy as you build a working roller coaster from start to finish. A winning team will be named and all entries will be photographed to select GCM’s 2019 Roller Coaster Champion!
Bridge Building Challenge
Work with a team to design a bridge that is structurally strong with construction quality. Your prototype will be tested and judged. Every bridge will be photographed to select GCM’s 2019 Bridge Building Champion!
Grade 5-8 Escape from the Museum
$11 Each
Test your creativity and problem-solving skills with this museum-designed Escape Room Challenge. Learn the basics of cryptography and employ your mathematics and design-thinking skills. This adventure will take you throughout the museum, into our motion-capture laboratory and even into Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park as you mastermind your escape.
The Wonders of Wacky Weather
$11 Each
                                                                                                                            From hurricanes to tornadoes, Florida has some interesting weather. Explore the elements and experience a live wind map in our motion-capture studio. Learn about NASA’s CERES satellites and take weather readings and cloud observations in Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park to submit to NASA’s ground-truthing project!

Custom Field Trip
$11 Each
GCM can help bring your curriculum to life. Contact our Director of School and Youth Programs at to design a custom Field Trip for your group. Your field trip will include two Think Studios and one SMALLab to fit your needs. We can design Field Trips that are customized to your class on topics including leadership, states of matter, water conservation, and more.

Florida State Standards
All GCM field trips are educator-designed to encourage thoughtful questioning and critical thinking. We take our role as a community resource that helps kids meet Florida State Standards very seriously. Additionally, all of our SMALLab and Think Studio experiences directly address Florida State Standards.