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Grade SMALLab Think Studios
Pre K New: Teamwork Rescue Mission
Practice your teamwork skills during a team-building rescue mission. Collaborate to see what teamwork looks like, sounds like, and feels like. Reflect on the process to identify your own team goals and draw a picture of your team performing its mission.
Shape it Up with Peg + Cat
Join Peg the Bold and Brave Sir Cat to explore the attributes of 2D shapes. Master circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, ovals, and semicircles, then combine shapes to create your own Peg puppet to take home.
Be a Good Neighbor with Daniel Tiger
Through puppet making and play inspired by Daniel Tiger, explore feelings, relationships to others, and how to be a great friend. Make your own Daniel Tiger puppet, learn how to use your words to describe your emotions and sing along with your classmates.
New: Celebrate Diversity with Sesame Street
Bert and Ernie know their friendship is made stronger by their similarities and differences. Observe and celebrate what makes each of us special and unique, then contribute your self-portrait to a class gallery you can take with you.
Design and Build with Curious George
Harness Curious George’s problem-solving style to complete a design challenge in this Think Studio. Watch your students create a blueprint, craft a prototype, and run trials before improving their final design.

Peg’s Pizza Place with Peg + Cat
Practice counting to 100 in this pizza-crafting Think Studio. Take customer orders, group objects by 10’s, and work together to create slices that combine to make a pizza with 100 toppings.

Grade 1 Color Wheels
It’s an artist’s studio! It’s a game! It’s painting with motion! Learn about, use, and mix digital primary colors in this colorful, movement-based game in our motion-capture laboratory.
New: Draw Your World-ish
Discover your inner artist in this celebration of creativity and resilience inspired by Peter H. Reynold’s book Ish. Read the book, share your ideas, and draw your own ish world in this art-based Think Studio.
New: Spirals in Nature
Discover the mathematical beauty of the golden ratio with the book Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature, then create your own beautiful spiral art out of colorful paper using cutting and folding techniques. Math and art collide in this Think Studio inspired by nature.
Playing with Color
Enter the world of Olivia the Pig, a Caldecott Honor Book, and explore the power of color in this literary Think Studio. Use charcoal crayons to illustrate like Ian Falconer and experiment with the addition of color to change and intensify your work.
Grade 2 Turn the Hands of Time                Become immersed in the world of time and all things clock-based. Stretch your arms and legs to turn the hands of a clock and race to match digital and analog time in our motion-capture laboratory. New: How Your Body Works
Step into this Think Studio to learn about the circulatory, skeletal, and nervous systems in your body. Visualize the movements of your spine while learning yoga poses and create a working replica of your spine to take home.
Exploring Circuits
Learn the basics of electrical circuits in this playful Think Studio. Explore conductive and insulating materials then design and build circuits to light a bulb, turn on a switch, or run a motor. Finally, create your own LED throwie to take home.
Pledge for the Planet
Become a citizen scientist and contribute to the efforts of preserving Florida wildlife! Learn about native plants, birds, and insects. Then get your hands dirty creating native seed balls to take home or plant at your school.
Grade 3 Working the System                   Explore systems thinking and the real-world application of a holistic approach after watching the Cats of Borneo, a short animation detailing the long-term impact of spraying a pesticide. Work together to master a game based on your understanding of parts in a system. New: Build a Book
Learn the ancient art of bookbinding and create your own using paper from near and far. Decorate your book using a variety of tools and take it home to fill with all your creative ideas.
New: Kusama’s Dots
The legendary Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is world-renowned for her Obliteration Rooms that immerse visitors in thousands of colorful polka dots. Learn about her works and then create your own shoebox obliteration room.
Musical Inventors
In this musical journey across the world, learn about  Landfill Harmonic Orchestra in Paraguay to envision, design, and create your own instruments from recycled materials. Then come together to perform like an orchestra.
Grade 4 Fractions are Fun
Master fractions in our state-of-the-art motion-capture laboratory. When you use your body to understand, manipulate, and play with fractions, not only do the concepts really stick, but fractions become fun!
New: What Floats Your Boat?
Learn about buoyancy, gravity, weight, and density before building your own boat to float in our port. Your prototype will be tested by the elements for its seaworthiness and durability, then face off against a staff engineered 3D printed boat.
Amazing Roller Coaster Challenge
Turn potential energy and gravity into kinetic energy as you build a working roller coaster from start to finish. Include a launch, a loop, a turn, and a hill. Run tests, identify problems and re-design your roller coaster as you go.
Bridge Building Challenge
Work with a team to design a bridge that is both structurally sound and visually appealing. Your prototype will be stress-tested with weights and pressure to determine the limits of its durability
Grade 5-8 The Art of Sky Watching
$11 Each Student
Get inspired by the sky in this Field Trip that meshes art and science. Learn about the wonders of Florida weather, track storms in our motion-capture studio, and participate in the worldwide SkyDay Project by taking sky pictures from GCM’s terrace or Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. Upload your photos to the website and create nature-inspired watercolors in a Think Studio.
Lifelong Leaders
$11 Each Student
Learn the different styles of leadership and practice using those skills while tackling a variety of engineering challenges. Identify and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each style as you move through the challenges. Reflect on your own strengths and then identify areas where you can become a better leader. Finally, put your skills to the test in our motion-capture studio.

Escape from the Museum
$12 Each Student
Test your creativity and problem-solving skills with this Escape Room Challenge designed by Museum Educators. Learn the basics of cryptography and employ your mathematics and design thinking skills. This adventure will take you throughout the Museum, into our motion-capture laboratory and even into Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park as you mastermind your escape. Maximum of 60 students.

Custom Field Trips
$13 Each Student
GCM can help bring your curriculum to life. Contact our Education Team to design a custom Field Trip for your group. Your visit will include two Think Studios and one SMALLab to fit your needs. Examples of Custom Field Trip topics include states of matter, water conservation, and careers