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Crypto Club

Teachers and Afterschool Leaders: Learn to be a CryptoClub leader! Cryptography, the science of secret messages, is an intriguing STEM topic and an important application of mathematics. Leaders need not be mathematics teachers-just enthusiastic about math. This is a free professional development opportunity for educators.
About CryptoClub
A typical CryptoClub program lasts about 16-20 sessions and uses games, treasure hunts, and other informal activities to engage students in cryptography and mathematics. It applies topics from the middle school curriculum, such as decimals and percents, division with remainder, common factors, negative numbers and pattern recognition. It also includes computer cryptography games and other activities from the CryptoClub website.
At the Workshop
The workshop provides background in the mathematics and cryptography content and gives leaders a chance to experience CryptoClub games and activities while discussing pedagogical issues of leading a program. No prior cryptography experience required. Following the Workshop: You will receive materials and regular support from the Glazer Children’s Museum, Florida’s CryptoClub hubsite. We will ask you to meet with your students 8-10 times before the second date in October and 8-10 times following it. In addition, you and your students will need to complete an evaluation for the National Girls Collaborative Project, our CryptoClub sponsor.
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