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What’s it like to host a play date for 40,000 people every summer?

We’re experts! This summer, the Glazer Children’s Museum is focusing on playing with a purpose. It’s during these hot and sometimes lull summer months that children can lose achievement gains they made during the previous school year also known as the summer slide. For most children, this means sliding back at least 2 months in math and critical reading skills. That means we need building blocks to get our kids ready to embrace school in the fall. To be that community solution, we’re playing with more things than ever before and we need your support. The building blocks below are the building blocks of young minds. Help make this play date happen by adding items such as LEGOS®, art materials, costumes, sew-able circuits, technology, and more to your cart.

Needed Building Blocks Of Play:







Provides 1 weeks worth of paper for Paper Airplanes. Provides Maker Supplies such as sew-able circuits, buttons, felt, LEDs, boxes, and batteries for 5 projects. Supplies an Animal Patient in the Vet Clinic. Stuffed animals are replaced often because they receive a lot of love.

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Adds an educational Game to our inventory. Covers the cost of 1 weeks worth of Hand Sanitizer stationed throughout the Museum. Provides Paint & Brushes for 1 weeks worth of painting programs.

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Supplies 1 months worth of Food & Games for tasty lessons in the World Kitchen every Whisk In Wednesday. Covers the cost to replenish the LEGOS® in Engineers’ Workshop every month. Provides 1 months worth of Sticky Things such as glue, tape, and velcro to make masterpieces.

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Helps replace Costumes in themed galleries such as the Fire Station, Theater, and Vet Clinic. Provides 3 months worth of Balls in the Tot’s Construction Ball Pit. Supplies 1 months worth of Art Materials for the Art Lab, open every Make It Monday for drop-in projects.

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BB_YouChooseYou Choose

Sponsors 3 months worth of Sand for Gasparilla Island, a popular place to explore within the Museum. Helps the Museum to invest in new Technology such as iPads to share great parenting apps. Choose your amount and we will find a great use for your generous Donation!

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All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. Tax ID 59-2637851 | Registration #CH20272. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the division of consumer services by calling 8004357352 within the state or visiting their website Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. Please note the Museum is incorporated under the name The Children’s Museum of Tampa Inc. and operates under the name Glazer Children’s Museum.

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