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Join us this February as GCM celebrates Black History Month with awesome programming and our newest temporary exhibit Tampa Stories. We’re honoring great African American leaders in our own community as well as those who made an impact around the country. Keep the learning going and check out these great suggestions for how to teach your little ones about our beautiful and diverse world! Source:

Read 28 Days: Moments in Black History Month | Ages 6+
Common Sense Media. org strongly encourages parents to check out 28 Days: Moments in Black History That Changed the World. The book  is a stylized, kid-friendly introduction to the people and events that have shaped African-American history. The brightly illustrated picture book uses quotes, poems, and brief synopses to present 28 pivotal episodes, one for each day of Black History Month.
Read Mahalia Jackson: Walking with Kings & Queens | Ages 4 +
This is a great kid-friendly picture-book biography of one of gospel music’s biggest stars. The author illustrates her working her way from a tragic childhood in New Orleans, to the churches of Chicago, to the top of the charts on Decca Records. Mahalia Jackson shows how talent, faith, and determination can help a person overcome adversity to obtain success and inspire others along the way. Via
A Classic Novel that Should Be Shared With All- The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats | Ages 2+
Parents need to know that The Snowy Day follows a boy discovering the pleasures of new-fallen snow. Bright color cut-outs and lively language complement each other to create a story that’s both soothing and exciting. Keats is celebrated for featuring an African American boy as his main character in this classic novel.


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