Rules for Play

Sure, we’d love to say there are no rules here – but for everyone’s safety and fun, we do have just a few…


  • Adults, DON’T leave your kids at home. No adults admitted without kid accompaniment.
  • Kids, DON’T leave your grown up at home. No one under 18 admitted without an adult, except as noted for special programs.
  • Adults, DON’T assume that older kids can explore the museum alone.  Children, no matter how old, should be watched at all times.  In fact, your kids will enjoy playing with you too!
  • DON’T bring food or drinks into the exhibit areas. Enjoy your snacks at our Tiny Bites Cafe, or outside in the park.
  • DON’T smoke while at the museum, including electronic cigarettes.
  • DON’T play rough or run.
  • DON’T use naughty words.
  • And lastly, DON’T be surprised if we ask you to please be nice, walk slowly and play gentle. We are here to keep you safe and make sure everyone has a good time.


  • DO touch, explore and play!BLANCO_TST_00171
  • DO ask LOTS of questions!
  • DO talk to our staff! We wear brown vests and love talking to visitors!
  • DO give us your feedback – good, bad or otherwise! That is how we learn!


  • One adult required for every 10 children.
  • Adults must stay with children at all times while in the museum.
  • Staff reserve the right to correct inappropriate behavior, in a positive way.


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