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Summer Field Trip Guidelines

We are looking forward to a fantastic summer! In order to ensure a quality visit for all guests we are now to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Due to high volume walkups and member visitation. We will have no more than 200 students each day Tuesday –Friday.
  2. Since the Glazer Children’s Museum is designed for children ages 0-10 we ask that students 10 years or older only make up 10% of the students attending. Ex. YMCA is joining on July 6th with 60 students, only 6 should be 10 years or older.
  3. It is now required to leave a deposit in order to book the Field Trip. The deposit is 10% of the total amount, with the balance due on the day of the field trip.
  4. We will have a structured arrival time. No more than 2 groups at a given time.

10am- GREET                             11am- GREET

10:30am- GREET                       11:30am- GREET

12-1pm no Field Trip arrivals- Camp Connect half day campers are admitted and released.

1pm- GREET                                1:30pm- GREET

Please direct any reservation questions to 813 443 3822

Summer Field Trip FAQs:

1. How many people are required to get the group rate?

The minimum to receive the group rate is 10 children.

2. What is the group rate?

  • Students, $6
  • Teachers and Administrators, FREE
  • Adults, 1 adult chaperon (required) for every 10 students, FREE. Additional chaperones, $10 each

3. How many chaperones are required?

We require 1 adult (over 18+ years old) for every 10 children.  This policy is strictly enforced.  We also ask that one chaperone identify as the Lead Teacher and take responsibility for overseeing the whole trip, including being the point of contact for Museum staff during the field trip.

4.  How long does a field trip last?

The average field trip is 3-4 hours (including time for orientation and lunch).  In general, younger children take longer to explore the museum than older children.  There is no minimum or maximum stay, but we do ask for an arrival and departure time from each group so that we may staff the building accordingly.

5. What are the hours of field trips?

Groups may arrive as early as 10AM and may depart as late as 5PM.  You will be asked to provide an arrival and departure time when you make your reservation.  An arrival before or after your scheduled time may result in waiting time before your group can be oriented.

6. What about lunches?

You may purchase boxed lunches from the Museum (advanced purchase required; please inquire when you make your reservation) or you may bring your lunch and enjoy it picnic-style in the park.  We provide non-refrigerated storage for lunches, however, unless you purchase food from the museum, we do not provide an indoor eating area, even in the case of inclement weather.

7. What age range is the museum geared towards?

Our exhibits are geared for children aged 0-10.  All children will get more out of their experience at the museum through interacting with adults.

8. What should we do while in the Museum?

Please see Ways to Play for ideas!

In addition, the Museum offers Museum Missions which are self-guided activities to be completed by children and chaperones while they are exploring the Museum. Click HERE to download Museum Missions. Whether your group chooses to do our suggested activities and Museum Missions or not, chaperones must stay with their groups the entire time.


Field Trip Request Form

For more information, or to book, contact or 813 443 3821 to check availability and make your reservation.

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