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The Museum offers four assemblies for school field trips. Assemblies are theatre style presentations in a private space for 50-150 students. All assemblies align with Common Core Standards and are altered based on the grade level of students in attendance. For specific Common Core Standards alignment by grade level, please contact the Museum’s education department.

  • Our 30-minute  Assemblies take place Tuesday – Friday at 10:30AM, 11:30AM, and 12:30PM  from August 19, 2014 through June 5, 2015.
  • Please note that Assembly programs are not offered during Hillsborough County School breaks (November 25-29, December 23-January 3, March 10-14).

Choose from one of 4 assembly options:

Air & Sound

Air and sound are powerful when they work together. The Air & Sound assembly uses 9 science experiments to demonstrate the power of air, where sound comes from, and how you can see both air pressure and sound waves.


We get the power to move from energy both inside and outside of us. This assembly explores different types of energy with fun science demonstrations and answers questions like, ‘What is power?’ ‘Where does it come from?’ and ‘What does it feel like?’


Attention ladies and gentlemen! Gather around for feats of science so awesome they must be magic. In this fun show, students will learn about Newton’s First Law of Motion, heat energy transfer, pressure & displacement, and electricity & energy transference.

Museum Math Squad

The Museum Math Squad is here to solve problems by using the power of math! Today, the Museum Math Squad needs help to earn, save, and spend money to save the day. Count by ten, add, subtract, and measure lengths to make sure the Squad gets the job done!


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