Enhance your student’s Museum exploration by booking a Workshop during your field trip. Museum Educators will guide your students through interactive, hands-on classroom experiences that will inspire their creativity while interacting with the Museum exhibits.  Workshops are assessed a $2 fee per student,  and pre-registration is required.

  • Our 30-minute Workshops are available Wednesday – Friday at 10AM, 11AM, and 12PM during the school year.
  • Please note that Workshops are not offered during Hillsborough County School breaks: Nov 24-28, 2014; Dec 22, 2014-Jan 2, 2015; March 9-13, 2015.
  • Workshops are restricted to 72 students per time slot, but multiple sessions may be available to accommodate larger groups.

2014-2015 Workshops

Grades K-1

  • Fantastic Fairy Tails – Once upon a time, long, long ago, there was a class that wrote a story about a lizard that frolicked and fed. Gather students as they craft their own fantastic fairy tale. They set the characters, plot, setting, and more to create a class project where everyone lives happily ever after.
  • Stretch Your Math Muscles – Get out from behind a desk to stretch your math muscles. This workshop uses yoga and simple exercies to practice lines, shapes, and mathmatical statements like addition, greater than, less than, and more.
  • Shape Up With Art* – Math and art collide when we explore the works of Eric Carle. Students will learn how math influences Carle as an artist and make their own art with shapes and symmetry.
  • Water 101 – Introduce and explore the water cycle in this interactive workshop. Groove to the water cycle song, observe liquid density, and more as students learn why water is an important part of our lives.
  • What’s Inside Me* – Bones, blood, and germs! Oh my! Different parts of our bodies have unique and important jobs. Learn about organs, put together a skeleton, and show how lungs work to answer, ‘What’s inside me?’

Grades 2-4

  • Nutrition by the Number – Make grocery shopping a game as students work together to follow the rules in the Museum’s own Food Group Fractions game. How can you use this on your own? Take fractions a step further and use them to create recipes full of good nutrition!
  • Oil Spills – Oil is used to make a lot of things we use every day like toys, crayons, and gasoline. Oil is very useful but can also be harmful when it spills into the ocean. In this workshop, students will work in groups to create an oil spill and then learn what it takes to clean up the mess.
  • Sinkholes – Sinkholes are a naturally occurring event in Florida and are recreated in this workshop to learn about sedimentary rock and erosion. Students will work together to build a sinkhole, make it collapse, and explore why it happens.
  • Smart Studio* – Science and math can be used to make great works of art. In SMART Studio, students work on their own, in a group, and as a class to make three unique works of art by using science and math.
  • States of Matter – Let’s explore solids, liquids, and gases by racing drops of dye and creating our own water. Does hot water or cold water evaporate more quickly? Find out in your States of Matter workshop!
  • Trading Places – Have you seen big cargo ships at the Port of Tampa? What do they do? Where do things come from and where do they need to go? Students will answer these questions through group discussion and interactive trading.
  • Weather Wise* – Clouds, wind, and lightning are all exciting types of weather that we often experience in Florida. How do they happen? Let’s find out and recreate them on our own. Music, dance, and art will bring this science lesson to life.
  • Wetlands – Get messy and learn the difference between swamps, marshes, and bogs. Students will work together to create a wetland while talking about sediments, impurities, water flow, and more.

* indicates the workshop has an art project that students will take home.

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